Resolving Conflict Together!


Divorce and Family Mediation:

Divorce, custody, visitation and modifications can be very challenging for all parties. The reason being is because we're all passionate about our families, and want the best for them. Going through a divorce wears parties down emotionally, physically, financially and sometimes even spiritually. Using mediation for divorce and family matters helps to alleviate the stresses that separating families go through. Instead of trying to out legal maneuver the other person, mediation offers a more relaxing collaborative process where parties work together to enhance a peaceful outcome of their issues. During a divorce, children can become very vulnerable and insecure and they are watching every move their parents make. That is why it is so important to talk to them and include them every step of the way. Mediation also allows for the parents to work together and reveal cooperation to their children, and model the way conflict should be addressed. This model of cooperation lessens the stress for everyone, while your children learn a positive way to handle conflict. 

An adversarial divorce can conjure up a nightmare of huge legal bills, jockeying lawyers, seething resentment and emotionally wounded children waiting in the wings. But it doesn't have to be so grim. Divorce mediation offers separating couples the opportunity to work with a neutral third-party to find solutions in a non-adversarial environment.

By choosing to mediate your divorce, you can:

  • Reduce costs
  • Get through your divorce timely
  • Steer clear of bitter court battles
  • Reach agreements that tend to hold up over time
  • Eliminate suspension of what the other party is planning
  • Easily renegotiate terms when modifications are needed
  • Negotiate the terms that work best for you and your children
  • Soften the blow on you and your children, while preserving relationships

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