Resolving Conflict Together!


Civil Mediation:



In Missouri, many trust and estate issues are resolved through mediation as opposed to being resolved in court. Probate mediation has many benefits including the opportunity for the parties to customized their own resolution, lower expenses, preserve relationships, reduce stress, and avoid an unpredictable and adversarial trial. 



 Elder mediation provides a forum for family decision-making. It is private, confidential and completely voluntary. Mediators facilitate a purposeful and directed conversation in which family members are encouraged to express their interests and concerns. Meetings are informal and are held in locations which meet the family's needs, including private homes, mediators' offices and senior living facilities. The mediator is a highly skilled conflict resolution expert and a neutral facilitator who does not provide advice or "takes sides" in these discussions. The goals of mediation are twofold. First to allow families to create workable and mutually acceptable solutions to their difficult disputes and second to develop communication strategies to enable them to successfully work together to make important decisions in the future. 

Personal Injury


Personal injury mediation is a process where each side of a case agrees to use a neutral third party to try to resolve the claim without going to trial. It’s important to know how personal injury mediation works. Mediation can be voluntary between two parties, but most often mediation is mandatory before a judge will allow your case to go to trial.

If your case is sent to mediation, then your attorney and the insurance defense attorney will try to agree on who to use as the mediator. The mediator is the neutral third party. Both parties agree on a date, time, location, s well as the mediator.

 Mediation can be a wonderful tool to resolve claims without the risk, expense, and energy required to prosecute or defend a lawsuit in a trial. 

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